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DECEMBER 12, 2022



5th Annual televised national competition will take the stage in Orlando, Florida from January 4-7, 2023

Mrs USA Earth Logo - courtesy of Crown Life Productions

December 12, 2022, Virginia Beach. – A new MRS USA EARTH will be crowned on Saturday, January 7 at the Linda Chapin Theater located in the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.

As we embark on our 5th year as an esteemed national pageant, we welcome a message by the new leadership of MRS USA EARTH, led by Khia Moon Smith and Crown Life Productions based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Thank you for your continued support of our mission and the goals and platforms of each of our delegates. Since its inception, the award-winning Mrs USA Earth organization has consistently proven to be the most relevant and industry-leading pageant for married women.


Mrs USA Earth proudly provides state and national representatives a means to empower themselves, celebrate each other, inspire those around them, and advocate for a common good. We only have one home, and we must do our part to keep it healthy for generations to come. Our delegation—past, present, and future—understands this importance. Each woman utilizes her crown and platform to amplify this message and spark a global impact.


We all had a front-row seat to the results that are possible if we all do our part. During the onset of the CoVid-19 pandemic and mandatory lockdowns worldwide, our planet began to heal itself in various ways. Air quality improved drastically and waterways repaired themselves. Ecosystems began to flourish, and even noise pollution declined. We don't want to wait for another global pandemic to force us to take care of our planet.


Aside from the memorable pageant week and high-class production that our team works so tirelessly to execute, the unique aspect of Mrs USA Earth that I am most proud of is the legacy of sisterhood. Each delegate who enters this sisterhood works hard to foster and continue to nurture relationships and the mission beyond the stage. Our titleholders understand that pageantry is not just about the competition. It’s not only about how many service hours you can tally and appearances you can attend. We value that this demographic of women holds dear the relationships forged and the encouragement that is shared. Our titleholders create bonds that truly last a lifetime. They understand the importance of this legacy so much that they continue with the organization in various capacities beyond their competition days—serving as shining examples for those coming up alongside them.


As we continue to grow and adjust to meet the needs of our delegation, we have learned a few things along the way. Our goal is to find new ways and opportunities for our delegates to remain engaged in their passion and with the organization beyond the stage. We want to create an experience unique to their position in life.


In order to provide our married ladies with a national competition experience exclusive to their demographic, the decision was made to allow the Mrs USA Earth program to exist as a standalone entity. This new era we are entering—produced by Crown Life Productions—will allow our participants and their families to enjoy experiences and events that will enhance their national competition week.


Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to be unveiled during the upcoming national pageant in Orlando from January 4-7, 2023!


Khia Moon Smith

Program Coordinator - MRS USA EARTH

Owner - Crown Life Productions

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