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Mrs USA Earth™ & ICONIC USA's chief ambassador addresses sustainable fashion at the United Nations

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Virginia Beach, September 2, 2023 — Ann Pennington—advocate for sustainable fashion, chief ambassador of ICONIC USA (501c3), and reigning Mrs USA Earth™ 2023—recently embarked on a mini-tour of Europe where she was invited to the United Nations to speak to companies in collaboration with the UN Fashion for Climate Change initiative. This tour aimed to raise awareness about the critical intersection of fashion, technology, and climate change and promote eco-conscious practices within the fashion industry.

Kicking off her European tour in the beautiful city of London, Ann had the distinct privilege of meeting with the CEO of Steel Eye.  During the meeting, she discussed the vital role that technology can play in transforming the fashion industry and how a technology-driven company like Stell Eye could be positioned at the forefront of sustainable fashion innovation and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change, emphasizing the potential for positive change through innovation.

Ann echoed her message as she was interviewed by the esteemed London Daily News, a testament to her commitment to educating the public about the environmental impact of fast fashion. Ann shared her visionary nine-month challenge—an ambitious commitment to refrain from buying new clothing items. This personal pledge not only contributes to repairing the environment but also demonstrates the financial benefits of sustainable living, illustrating how one can protect both the Earth and their own wallet.

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After a successful engagement in London, Ann continued her European journey, arriving in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France. In collaboration with one of the largest shopping destinations in the city, Galeries Lafayette, Ann engaged with the (RE)Store Department—which encourages "Recycle, Remodel, Restart.” This innovative initiative empowers consumers to transform their old clothing into new, stylish ensembles, thereby reducing waste and promoting a circular economy within the fashion industry.

This European tour underscores the global urgency to address sustainability within the fashion industry, a mission that aligns closely with the United Nations Fashion for Climate Change initiative. Ann’s insights, dedication, and proactive approach to the connection between fashion and sustainability exemplify the positive impact that individuals and corporations can make when committed to common eco-conscious practices.

For media inquiries or to request an interview with Ann Pennington, please contact:

Khia Moon Smith

Executive Director, Mrs USA Earth™


About Ann Pennington

Ann Pennington is an advocate for sustainable fashion and environmental conservation. With a passion for raising awareness about and improving upon the fashion industry's impact on climate change, Ann has dedicated her career to promoting eco-friendly practices and inspiring individuals and corporations to embrace both sustainable shopping and living. Her nine-month challenge to abstain from purchasing new clothing items is just one example of her commitment to displaying easy ways of preserving our planet for future generations.  Ann currently serves as the chief ambassador of ICONIC USA (501c3) and is the reigning Mrs USA Earth™ 2023.

About the United Nations Fashion for Climate Change

The United Nations Fashion for Climate Change initiative is a global platform dedicated to addressing the environmental challenges posed by the fashion industry. By promoting sustainability and responsible practices, the initiative seeks to reduce the fashion industry's carbon footprint and contribute to a more eco-conscious world.

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