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Mrs USA Earth Air 2024

During her reign, Mrs USA Earth Air will work alongside ICONIC USA to lead in planning and execution of the annual ICON Awards & Gala, benefitting ICONIC USA.  The ICON Awards & Gala is a fundraiser event that recognizes individual, organization, and business ICONS who are leaders in their industry and help to further the mission of ICONIC USA!

Jayne is is leading an effort to clean up the air inside classrooms.  As the field organizer for Wisconsin for the Moms Clean Air Force--a national nonprofit organization that works to protect children's health from air pollution and climate change--Jayne works to support federal climate action legislation on the Climate Action Campaign.  Our country currently does not require indoor air quality monitoring in schools, so she is working to engage more women in political change and advocacy. In 2023, Jayne worked with state lawmakers to introduce a bill that would launch a process for monitoring the air quality in schools and protecting children’s health. An avid volunteer, she serves on her city's Sustainability Commission and is a volunteer for The American Lung Association, Board President for Rooted In which is working to bridge the gap of food insecurity with deed to tanle programs, and is a Water Action Volunteer. Jayne is a spokesperson and an ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Her initiative, "Where We Learn Matters" focuses on all of us; youth, community members, parents and teachers working together to provide healthy learning environments with good indoor air quality in schools.  Jayne is a certified green classroom professional and mentor. She is the founder of Green Schools Rock, a program that teaches and supports schools to incorporate green initiatives and trains youth to be green leaders. 


A former pre-K teacher, Jayne is mom to a daughter with multiple sclerosis and a son with asthma. She sees the impact of climate change and poor air quality on her children daily. This inspired her to help state lawmakers to write the first indoor air quality bill for schools in Wisconsin. The bill is currently in committee. She is fighting for transparency and accountability regarding indoor air quality monitoring and testing to protect children’s health.  Her belief is that, as caregivers, we should use our voices to create positive change in our communities and that finding solutions to climate disruption requires the involvement of more women leaders. Our stories as parents can inspire action at the local, state, and national levels.  In her spare time, Jayne, her husband Craig, and their family enjoy traveling, hiking, supporting local musicians, and spending time surrounded by the water at their second home in Door County.



Mrs USA Earth Air 2024 - Jayne Black

PHOTO CREDIT: The Code Creatives

CROWN: Andy Ibot - The Pageant Star

Mrs USA Earth Water 2024 - Amber Zufelt

PHOTO CREDIT: The Code Creatives

CROWN: Andy Ibot - The Pageant Star


Mrs USA Earth Water 2024

During her reign, Mrs USA Earth Water will help to further the mission of ICONIC USA and Mrs USA Earth by working alongside leadership with the planning and promotion of the annual ICONIC USA mission week this Summer in Virginia Beach, VA!

A woman of many hats, and crowns, but they all have one purpose: to serve.


Originally from New Mexico, Amber joined the United States Navy in 2004. She is a graduate of American Military University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sports and Health Sciences with a concentration in Coaching. She is currently pursuing her Masters in the same.


For the past 19 years she has operated in every major naval fleet and has endured eight combat deployments--including a boots-on-ground tour to Iraq. Commissioning as a Naval Officer in 2016 as a
Limited Duty Officer, she now instructs Sailors on the latest strategic and tactical principals for Integrated Air and Missile Defense in Norfolk, Virginia.


For the past two decades, she has advocated for veterans and personal wellness through pageantry. She was an international spokesperson, national advocate, and has addressed Capitol Hill with her passion
for improving the lives of others. In 2019, she began her personal journey for improved health and has since participated in multiple physique competitions. It was through this fitness endeavor that she
learned how much litter inhibits the health of our environment, and was called to act.


Her current campaign is “Kicking Butts”; a cigarette litter prevention program aimed at reducing small plastics pollution. She is actively working with Keep Virginia Beautiful and promoting waste receptacle grants to increase recycling of these micro plastics.


In her spare time, she is a world traveler and wanna-be food blogger, avid volleyball player, and enjoys parenting her four-legged children, Jazzy and Snooky.




Mrs USA Earth Fire 2024

During her reign, Mrs USA Earth Fire will continue carrying on ICONIC Moments via the Mrs USA Earth Fire Instagram page--highlighting ICONS in business and in the community who are helping to further the mission of ICONIC USA!

Gretchen was born and raised in Asheville, NC, where she developed a deep appreciation for both nature and sustainability. With a heart full of gratitude, she balances her roles as a US Navy wife, surgical tech, student, boy mom, and consultant for Ciaravino Total Beauty.


Inspired by her oldest son's fight with cystic fibrosis, she serves as both a Great Strides team leader and volunteer for the CF Foundation.


After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management this fall, Gretchen plans to obtain a Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law. In all facets of life, she strives to cultivate a culture of empowerment and support among women.


Her platform is Sustainable Shifts: Empowering Action and Eco-Friendly Living. As Mrs USA Earth Fire, she will expand her Sustainable Mommas initiative, with a mission to inspire fellow mothers to adopt everyday sustainable practices and teach children the importance of environmental preservation. Gretchen believes, that as parents, we must own our pivotal roles in raising a generation that will stand united as advocates for the Earth.



Mrs USA Earth Fire 2024 - Gretchen Keim

PHOTO CREDIT: The Code Creatives

CROWN: Andy Ibot - The Pageant Star

Mrs USA Earth Eco 2024 - Karlee Smart

PHOTO CREDIT: The Code Creatives

CROWN: Andy Ibot - The Pageant Star


Mrs USA Earth Eco 2024

Mrs USA Earth Eco--in conjunction with ICONIC USA--will work to promote and advance the Green Schools Rock curriculum in schools across her home state during this and future reigns across the country.  Green Schools Rock was founded by Jayne Black of Wisconsin (Mrs USA Earth Eco 2023 and Mrs USA Earth Air 2024)

New Jersey native, Karlee Smart, has been married to her US Navy Veteran Husband for 14 years and has two children as well as two wildlife rescue kittens. Karlee and her family are blessed to live in one of the best places New Jersey has to offer --the Jersey Shore!


As the daughter of a boat captain, she grew up with a love of the water and has been boating and waterskiing since she was a kid.  Her passions focus on our coastline, as New Jersey has over 130 miles of beautiful beaches. She enjoys being outdoors with family, especially paddle boarding in New Jersey’s waterways and teaching her children the importance of keeping the Jersey Shore clean by participating in beach and river cleanups. 


Having a Masters Degree in Education, Karlee has served the community for over 15 years in the classroom as an Advanced Placement History teacher along with establishing curricula for both Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. She recently transitioned into the world of Real Estate and is now an award-winning agent leading other agents in the community. 


Through her previous leadership roles, Karlee obtained the skills to promote in a positive and holistic way.  She use her voice to raise awareness for holistic wellness and promoting alternative therapies to our military and veteran community through her #holisticallyhealingheroes initiative. Working with organizations like K9s for Warriors, Star for Our Troops and the Navy SEAL Foundation among other military and veteran organizations have enabled her to teach others that a local impact can ripple into an environmental change. 


Living in the Garden State also enables Karlee to promote organic gardening and teach others to practice mindfulness through grounding techniques - a natural and healthy way to elicit the relaxation response. 



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